Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The First Dawn of the New Year

2014 is finally here...the two sweeties on ORION actually stayed awake for a midnight kiss and a glass of wine whilst watching the fireworks in Dewey from the first class seats on the deck of ORION :) We had snacks and "ice wine", which is a glass of wine with ice...yap, we like it that way :)
We were toasting our family and friends all over the world and hope that everybody had a great start of the new year! There was a fine fireworks display at soon as it was over a squall came through with high winds and lots of rain...lucky us watched it all happening from the safety of our cockpit :) Now things are calm again...GOOD NIGHT ALL...a new year, a new every day as if it was your last...enjoy the journey...God Bless!