Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shepherd's Pie on Stove Top

We haven't had a Shepherd's Pie in ages, so today was the day :) Must admit that I did not make the mashed potatoes from scratch (!)...I used dried potato pearls instead, an easy way to make yummy mashed potatoes in no time at all. They store easily on a boat and all that is needed is hot water, but I put half a stick of butter in the finished mash as well ;)
For the filling I fried a pound of ground beef with onions, then added 2 large cans of lentils and one small can of sweet corn, a bouillon cube, and about half a cup of water...let it simmer for 20 minutes...done! Of course I had to try this in my stove top oven Oshra, so I layered potatoes, the meat, and potatoes again...sprinkled some shredded cheese on top...on low flame for 15 minutes and we had Shepherd's Pie! I used a little cream of chicken soup to splash on top just before was delicious and we have enough for another day or two :)