Friday, January 24, 2014

Just another day in Paradise

As the week is coming to an end we had some fun on SV Fugitivo with Tom and Michi, our new neighbors in the bay :)
The weather has been gorgeous with lots of sunshine and cool breezes, a little bit of rain...just enough to wash off the boat nicely :) Most of our family and friends up north are experiencing extreme cold weather and we are thinking about them often...sending warm and sunny thoughts to you all...spring is around the corner! 
This morning we had a super nice breakfast at Club Seabourne...imagine after being here for so long we did not know that they serve breakfast every day...we thought it was just on weekends! Michi works there (she cooked the super breakfast), so now we know better :) We love Club Seabourne with its beautiful garden and peaceful brother will be very happy here when he comes to visit in February :) Culebra at its best!