Thursday, January 9, 2014

Another beautiful day in paradise

Today we took a long walk into town and back just for the exercise! On our way in two nice ladies in a truck gave us a lift to the small airport, so we did not quite walk ALL the way but most of it ;) My brother is coming in February to visit us from Germany and we wanted to check on booking a flight on one of the commuter airplanes from San Juan to Culebra for him...we now have the info needed to proceed. We then visited our friends Paul and Suzi at their "Palmetto Guesthouse", had a nice chat and some ice cold water :)
On our way back we took a photo of the poor boat that sank a bay down from where we are :/ It is always sad to see a once beautiful boat so neglected that it just sinks and nobody cares! 

The photo we took of our ORION (see beginning of this post) quite contrarily shows what a happy boat looks like :)

We also checked out another supermarket just outside of town called "Costa del Sol"...a nice clean place with lots of refrigerated items and well organized shelf space! We usually buy our groceries in town where we can park our dinghy...Milka's and Mayra's stock everything we need and more :) It is good to know the other local places as well though...