Sunday, December 9, 2012

Melones Beach, Culebra...and a new portable freezer (!)

We are secured to a mooring ball...
Hurray hurray...we pulled the anchor today, left Dewey harbor and sailed to Melones Beach. Melones Beach is located on the west coast of Culebra in a little bay just past the main ferry dock...the next bay up is Tamarindo. Melones Is known for great belongs to protected waters, no fishing is allowed! There are a few mooring balls in the pristine turquoise waters...we took one and had no problem securing it to ORION...practice makes perfect and we are having a lot of practice these days :) There was only one other boat moored next to us, a catamaran, making this a nice private little bay...just what the doctor ordered, hahaha.

fast speed passenger ferry Fajardo-Culebra
Tracking back a little bit I am happy to report that we took the ferry again and picked up our new 33 quart freezer, a Dometic CF35, at West Marine in Fajardo last Thursday...we want to thank the staff there, especially Estella, one of the managers, who accommodated our request to exchange the previously ordered CF25 for the CF35...all went well and we returned on the fast speed passenger ferry to Culebra and ORION. The new CF35 Dometic works great :) We are running it as a freezer, and we already enjoy home made ice cubes in our drinks! The meat is frozen solid, the unit turns on and off and maintains a temperature of 13 degrees Fahrenheit (we set it to that temperature) of all...all this under wind and solar power only! We are ecstatic about it :) that we no longer have refrigeration issues we are able to really get going...we stocked up on some fresh supplies of meat and veggies and even went to have a hair cut at the local Barber! As already reported above we are now moored at Melones Beach...went snorkeling this afternoon and are still pinching ourselves about the wow factor of this stunningly beautiful little beach area...there is a coral reef right by the beach...we swam with a turtle, a sting ray, and lots and lots of blue tang, saw hundreds of small colorful fishes and a reef full of healthy corals and sea fans swaying in the underwater current! God's creations at their best! Oh and all of this in crystal clear water with white sand on the bottom! This is what it's all about...this is what we enjoy the most...and we are so thankful to be able to live our dream in all its glory! Next step is to get the underwater camera out, so we can share the glory with all of you :) God bless!