Monday, February 7, 2011

"Night of Lights" in Salinas Bay Area

On December 18, 2010 we celebrated the 3rd Annual Night of Lights, formerly known as the boat parade. For us it was the first time entering in the contest that takes place...thanks to my friends Kris and Bill, who relentlessly "bugged me" :o) Kris and Bill organized the event this year in memory of our sailor friend Dan Lyons, who unexpectedly passed away earlier in the year. RIP Dan! This year's parade was not a parade, because the boats stayed on the dock or at anchor. This year the judges went out in a dinghy to judge their hearts out as to who would be eligible for a prize! It was great fun for all involved. Unfortunately the event could not be held at Marina de Salinas because of scheduling conflicts. Instead it was held at the Manatee Eco Resort across the bay from the marina where the owner (Andy) provided his facilities for the party. Thanks Andy. Everybody purchased food and drinks at special prices and everybody had a great time. We took along our sailor friends Dick and Jane. And guess what...our Orion even won a prize...yes, we made seventh place and received a certificate for a free eye splice, donated by our sailor friend Mary Liz...way to go!! A lot of work and preparation goes into this event and we take this opportunity to congratulate Kris and Bill on a job well done...let's do it again next year :o)
Kris and Bill

Rick and Sue...Dick and Jane

The judges venturing out into the bay!
Mary Liz and Magali

Tony and his son


Marianne and her parents

Keith, Tommy, Miguel, Tony and Kris...the Judges 2010