Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fast rewind to Jan 06, 2010…Salinas tiny sailboats

Need to update the blog with this almost forgotten entry! We planned to go for a day sail on Jan. 6, also known as Three Kings’ Day. As it turned out the day was a pretty rainy day which we nevertheless enjoyed by watching our favorite movie “Captain Ron” on Orion. The weather cleared later in the day and this is when it all happened! Going for a walk just before sunset, I couldn’t believe my eyes when all of a sudden I saw the tiniest sailboat sailing up and down in the marina…and then there was another one! Finally I heard a buzzing sound and realized they were remote controlled sailboats. I went over to their “masters in control” who informed me that they belong to a special club. How fun! With their permission I took photos of the guys and their little sailboats and here they are for you to enjoy also! So you see, we had a sailing experience after all on that wet day, which is to say that there is never a dull day in Salinas :o)