Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sailing we sailed! It is funny, because it all started with a misunderstanding! Our cruiser friends Bob and Judy are still in Culebra and somehow I thought we were going to sail to Culebrita today...turns out it was meant for tomorrow ;) But hey, we got ORION ready in just 20 minutes...for my landlubber friends: for sailing we need to take off all sun covers, get the main sail cover unzipped, stow anything that has a potential to fly around the cabin during rough seas, secure the dinghy to be towed, etc etc etc...and off we went :) It was a fabulous sail in perfect winds with seas just a little on the high side, but just enough to give us a speedy wonderful journey under full sails! 
Our destination was Culebrita, a nearby sister island of Culebra...we made it there in good time only to find that there were too many boats there already :/...there was a huge motor yacht and several sailboats, entirely too many for our we turned around and set sail to Melones, a nice anchorage just passed the ferry dock in Culebra. We passed Bahia Almodovar on the way...a quiet anchorage behind a big reef...several sailboats were there also, maybe waiting their turn to go to Culebrita?
We continued on and really enjoyed riding the waves and feeling the wind...we could tell ORION felt the same :) Later on we decided to go back to our mooring and sail to Melones or Tamarindo tomorrow...after all, there is no rush...we live here and can go any time we want :) So tomorrow will be another sailing day and hopefully our wakes will meet with Bob and Judy of SV Adastra and Don of SV Rover...we shall see! Definitely a snorkel day out there somewhere :)