Monday, January 6, 2014

Sailing at last!

Yes...the captain is smiling :) At last we were able to go for a sail on ORION again! The Christmas Winds calmed down for a few days and we were lucky to have our friends here from Ponce and Germany. 

We took two of them with us to sail from our mooring to Tamarindo Beach where we met the rest of the group...some dinghy loads later everybody was aboard ORION and we sailed together to another beach called Melones. There we went swimming and snorkeling and had fun catching up with each other's life stories.
We had a full deck on ORION that day :) Towards the evening Rick took everybody to shore and they walked back to the guesthouse. We all met up later for dinner at Zaco's Tacos. 
We left ORION moored off Melones Beach where she patiently waited for our return! Ulrich and Renate stayed another night in the aft cabin while the rest of the group stayed at Hamaca. We all met for breakfast the next morning in town...our visitors had to take the ferry back to Puerto Rico and we said our farewells at the ferry dock. A great time was had by all!
We stayed another night at Melones Beach, but left the next morning...the Christmas winds are back! We sailed under motor back to our mooring ball...the wind was 20 knots on the nose with 7 foot waves at 7 second intervals...not a smooth sail at all...but we enjoyed it anyways :)