Friday, December 27, 2013

It's a Boat!

Made a short trip on ORION yesterday to anchor near town in order to get water, because we want to sail again now that the Christmas Winds have calmed down. Discovered that our electric windlass was as dead as a door nail...ugh! So we turned around and headed for a nice anchorage behind a reef called Dakity where there are lots of public moorings, and to our delight we found a free one :) Making the best of the situation we grabbed the mooring ball and stayed for the night...snorkeled in the crystal clear water where the sandy bottom is covered with hundreds of starfish...will get photos another time when we have the camera with us. 
Rick checked the windlass and found a dead battery...ah well...could have been worse...after's a boat and cruising means to repair your boat in tropical locations ;) we need a new battery and will also get a small solar trickle charger for that battery to keep it topped up. Our windlass battery is on its own circuit, so this will be the best solution :) You see, we don't use the windlass very often around here, because there are moorings available almost everywhere...and of course we have our own mooring to come back to. 
We left Dakity this morning, and are now back on our own mooring ball. My captain went off in the dinghy to fetch some water and maybe he will be able to buy a new battery in town...that would save us a ferry trip to Fajardo tomorrow. We will still go to Fajardo for the trickle charger, but we can do that next week. I need some nylon line to make new mooring bridles and we can do everything at the same time then...and get ready to sail again :)
In the meantime I made two bottles of my very own soda water nice to be able to never run out of the stuff...the 5 lb cylinder should last us for a long long time :) That's it for today...will be sailing again very soon...stay tuned and enjoy the ride please!