Friday, August 2, 2013

Our Own Mooring Ball for ORION

Here we are again :) Instead of making excuses for not updating the blog I am jumping right in with the gory details of our wonderful life! As last reported in March we decided to stick around the Culebra area for as long as we like that spirit we had our own mooring put in in one of the small bays off the main channel that leads to Culebra's main harbor Ensenada Honda and the town of Dewey. We were fortunate to have the work done by Carlos Cruz, a professional in the field...Carlos put in the system in April, using three extra long and extra strong sand screws, chain to connect them and chain to go up to the mooring ball...all in all a pretty secure system...we feel safe on our mooring ball! I made the splices for the line that is attached to the mooring ball, called a pennant and I also made two bridles, which are lines that run from the pennant to the cleats on the boat on both sides. The drawing in the photo collage shows what a mooring ball system looks like above and below the water. Ours looks slightly different, because it has three sand screws instead of the mushroom anchor and chain attached to each sand screw.