Monday, March 11, 2013

The plan is to not have a plan!

photo by our friend Bill

It is almost a month since my last post (!)...time flies when you are having fun! Our life is so wonderfully uncomplicated these days that it seems not worth writing about...until our family and friends remind us of how our photos and posts help them remain sane in the cold wintery weather that surrounds them for part of the year. Not that they hate winter, but a little Caribbean sunshine warms up everybody's heart in the midst of ice and it makes us happy to know that our family and friends enjoy living vicariously through us...thank you!

During the past weeks my captain and I re-evaluated our tentative plan of spending the upcoming hurricane season in Grenada. What happened? Culebra happened! We fell in love with Culebra...the serenity, the pristine beaches, the tranquility, the crystal clear water, the wild life, the people, the laid back life style...we love everything is that simple! Soooo...our plan was not to have a plan and to stay wherever we like it as long as we like it...and we are following the plan! For now we shall stick around this part of the Caribbean and explore the Virgin Islands, Vieques, and much more of Culebra and Culebrita...because we can...and because we are in no rush, have no schedule, and enjoy our journey on ORION...freedom! That's it in a nutshell...stay tuned...

photo by our friend Steve...sunrise at Dakity, Culebra
Culebra flag