Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Life is good in Culebra

It's the new year 2013 and we are still enjoying Culebra...this island has so much to offer that we continue to live day by day in total relaxation and bliss! We love the laid back style of everything Culebra...we love the non commercial living...we love the pristine beaches and coves that become our own little paradise when we anchor ORION (mostly by attaching to a mooring ball) near them...we love that we can be totally on our own, but when we need company our friends are not far away...we love to hide away somewhere, but when we need action we simply sail (or motor sail) to the anchorage by Dewey and visit the town...we love that things are safe here, that we don't have to be afraid of someone trying to steal our dinghy at night (!)...we love that we are still in US waters where US laws apply...we love the people here, they come from all walks of life, an intermingling of different cultures...we love the peace and tranquility...we love the crystal clear turquoise waters...and again...we love the laid back style of everything Culebra!

So we are in no rush to leave...we'll move on when we are a little bit more ready, because really and truly I believe we will never be 100% ready! For now we are staying at beautiful Dakiti anchorage, where the wind blows at least 15 knots twenty-four hours a day...great for fully charging the batteries with our wind generator...and because we are protected by a reef and a sand bank there is no wave action here other than a steady current from the front.

Being anchored at Dakiti feels a little bit like sitting on a rocking chair on the porch of your house watching the world go by :) You see...every boat going into the main channel has to pass by Dakiti! So we can watch some neat boats coming in and going out! Rick has taken some cool here are a few :)

We will stay a few more days here at Dakiti anchorage...the seas "out there" are running 8-10 feet with the wind blowing 25-30 knots...supposedly for this week and part of next...not our kind of weather for sailing, so we'll stay put, enjoy snorkeling, and tend to some urgent napping, reading books, and communicating with our friends and family all over the globe :)
Yap...we'll be "out there" soon enough again, because as "Captain Ron" says, "If it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen out there!" ;)