Sunday, December 23, 2012

Home Sweet Home... is Sunday...we are still at the mooring ball and I am happy to report that our batteries are almost fully charged again :) This anchorage at Dakiti is a great place for us to recharge, because the wind blows steadily here 24 hours a day! Despite this the anchorage is extremely calm...there is no rolling action at all and the boats hardly move here...a big outer reef and an inner sand bar filter the waves coming in from the ocean...quite fascinating! Of course we could recharge our batteries with our 2000K generator, but we don't want to (!)...we want to see how long we can go without having to use non-renewable energy...or putting it simpler we want to see how long we can get by on wind and sun alone :)

In the meantime we are exploring Dakiti anchorage and saying hi to several of our friends, who are here at the moment...Stephen (SV Loose Change), Harry and Linda (SV Kuahela), Mark and Willie (SV Liahona), Don (SV Rover), Steve (SV Nonsuch), John (SV Stingo), Paul and Lynn (oops...need to check the name of their boat), and Rick and Debbie (SV Miss Heidi)'s a community out here :-) We went to the sand bar today and then snorkeled around ORION, where we saw a million (or so it seemed) star fish on the white sandy bottom...what a surprise! There were big ones, medium ones, and small ones in different shades from beige to feels like Christmas down there :-)

We have been working on re-arranging some of the interior on ORION to permanently accommodate our new fridge and freezer. It looks pretty good now...we moved the 33 quart freezer to the aft cabin and kept the 53 quart fridge in the main cabin...a little bit of special touches here and there with the addition of two new LED rope lights (one in the galley and one in salon) and voila ORION feels like a home again rather than a camp site :)

Stay tuned...