Thursday, November 1, 2012

We made a decision!

at Bob and Joan's house in Ponce
Yes...the decision is made! I can not tell when it actually happened, but the idea popped up after a wonderful visit with our friends Bob and Joan in Ponce. Maybe we realized that we need to break the invisible chain that keeps holding us in Salinas? And after all (and totally unrelated) we do cut each others hair other words: we are ready to move "out there", hahahaha. We will leave Marina de Salinas next week Saturday, November 10, 2012 for good! more hanging out on the dock :) We will sail to Coffin Island and on Monday morning continue to Ponce. There we will meet with Fraito from Ponce Sailing Center...he will check our roller furler as well as our brand-new Quantum main sail, which we purchased through him :)

our dear friends Bob and Joan
We hope that the check will have arrived by then...if not, we will sail back to Coffin Island and stick around Ponce area until the frecking check is here...then we'll deposit same frecking check and then we are free at last to start our journey to Vieques and Culebra and beyond...FREEDOM HERE WE COME NO MATTER depending of course, but no more dock...WOOHOO :)

We have enjoyed our three years at Marina de Salinas and in general have only good things to say about everybody and everything here! The wonderful staff made us feel right at home from day one and we thank all of them from the bottom of our will feel strange for us to not come back to the dock, but since we are trading a dock space for freedom the choice is easy and we shall overcome fast, hahahaha.

Joan's delicious snack tray...thanks guys :)
There you have it! We made a feels good... is good!