Sunday, September 23, 2012

The perfect couple!

Solar and Wind generation at its best :) of today we are officially off the grid producing our own power! Freedom here we come. My captain has worked relentlessly to get us to this point and I can not thank him enough! All systems are a go and even the refrigerator/freezer turned itself on, ran for about two hours, and will shut itself off within the next few minutes...woohoo! An initial inverter overload turned out to be a loose wire and was fixed in no time at all :) We have a coldplate system for refrigeration, which means in simple terms that there are stainless steel plates which hold the cold for hours after being charged. This is very different to a household system that runs 24/7. Refrigeration is a must have for us here in the tropics...we know a few cruisers who live without, but for these Two Sweeties on Orion that is not an option :) Now that things are running off the grid we shall monitor everything and start getting ready for a few days away from the dock...another test run so to say. We should be able to cut the ducklings (I mean dock lines, but the spell check suggested ducklings when I typed docklines...hahaha...too cute not to leave it there right? Right!) for good within the next few weeks...HOW EXCITING IS THAT???? Stay tuned please...