Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The countdown is on...

The two men in my life :)
Perhaps this is an easy excuse for not having posted lately? It is also a nice one! We bought an ipad2 :) Mainly for the great navigational programs or apps as they are called and also for the ease of internet access on a monthly basis (we do not want to get locked into another 2 year plan, because if we sail down island we will no longer have ATT coverage). Of course with continued use of the ipad's integrated keyboard (I thought my fingers would never get used to the somewhat cramped space when compared to my netbook) I now thank our son Michael for encouraging me to not give up, because "you will get used to it Mom"...and yes...those words spoken from a guy who is generations younger than we are, but generations wiser when it comes to modern technology...eventually came true :) thank you son! Now I need to find out why I cannot add a picture in my post...arrgghh...hang in there just a little bit longer until I find the best app for managing this blog on our ipad2. The next post will have some pics again :)

In the meantime the countdown to Rick's early retirement and our full time cruising life is on...woohoo...just 13 more days to go :)

Update: Purchased "Blogsy" (very inexpensive) from the Apple Store for managing our blog on Blogger...seems to work well, as you can see from the inserted picture of the two men in my life :)