Tuesday, August 2, 2011

June-July 2011...Coffin Island Fun

Doesn't time fly?...It is already August and here I am writing an update for June-July!! What was that New Year's Resolution again??? Ah sorry...sometimes the monthly update is a few weeks late...I know you all understand...and hey...better a little late than never...Right?...Right! Our favorite Coffin Island takes the spotlight again for June and is a picture taken from the deck of Orion after we anchored...It is amazing how beautiful "our" island looks every time we sail there.

In June we had visitors from far away...tiny ones with wings...SWALLOWS...can you believe it? They chirped and sang for us and showed off their acrobatic abilities in the air...and when they thought they had totally mesmerized us with their spiel they tried to make a nest in Orion's sailpack (the place where the sails fall into when we are not sailing)! We had to laugh and felt a little bit sorry for them when we attached a make-shift "curtain" at the end of the boom, so that they could not make a house there...I mean...enough is enough and we certainly did not want the little fellows to get too comfortable in a place where they could not stay long enough to have a family. So they continued to sing and chirp and then gave up their quest and flew away into the trees on the island. So long little swallows...we do love you...thanks for visiting!

A yummy salad and a beautiful is good!
Coffin Island main tourist beach...ferry dock

In July we were invited to the Ponce Sail and Power Squadron's get together at Coffin Island's main tourist beach. Of course we set sail from Salinas as usual, staid overnight on our favorite anchorage and then sailed to the main beach the next day. Anchoring at the main beach was exciting in its own way, because we had to take a mooring ball. Mooring balls are at a few places around Coffin Island to save the coral reefs...instead of dropping an anchor you attach your boat via a line to the mooring ball. The captain and I had never anchored on a mooring ball before...there is always a first time for everything...I proudly admit that we both managed very well and got that line through the loop on the mooring ball without too much of a hassle. And we didn't even shout at each other, hahahaha. We met our friends from the PonceSPS and had a great time partying. A special thank you to Ediberto and Jose was a fun event and we enjoyed it tremendously. We took off again in the afternoon...back to our usual anchorage...spent the night there and had a great sail back to Salinas the next day.

Orion on mooring ball...our first time...and it went great!

Ferry arrives with Ponce Sail and Power Squadron

Leaving Coffin Island early in the morning...
Orion tugged into her dock at the marina :o)

So here we are back on the dock at Marina de it is August and we are in full swing of the dreaded unmentionable season (= hurricane season)...hopefully there will not be much to report at the end of this month and the months to follow until December! Stay tuned and God bless!