Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Madness...Fun in the Sun!...Part I: A friend's wedding...

March was a busy month for us. A nice kind of busy with lots of fun activities and lots of old and new friends, making our life even more special. I can't believe March is already they say "time flies when you are having fun"!

We enjoyed Hannah's and Luke's very special wedding on March 5, 2011 in the mountains of Ponce, Puerto Rico...thanks guys for inviting us...we had a wonderful afternoon into the night chatting and catching up with Hannah's and Luke's family and friends whom we had not seen in years! Oh yes...a lot of dancing and celebrating and toasts, especially to the hosts Lou and Deb at Hacienda Pena, made this a perfect day :o) Hannah went to the same school as our children, and her and her sisters Raechel and Rebekah together with their parents Ed and Debbie have been our friends going back over 14 years here in Puerto Rico. And now Hannah is married to Luke! Time flies and the kids grow up! You can see both Hannah and Luke and Debbie and Ed smiling contagiously below :o) where is the boat connection you may ask? it is...Everybody was really interested in our life on Orion...we happily answered many questions and received ohh's and ahh's for being full time "boat people" :o) Guess we are doing what a lot of people dream of doing...Yap...we are still pinching ourselves :o) and Yap...we love this life :o)

Hannah and Luke and most of their families and friends went back to the mainland a few days after the wedding...We wish Hannah and Luke all the very best in their future life together as husband and nice that they call our island paradise "home"...God bless you!...Come and see us anytime on the boat!