Monday, February 7, 2011

New Year 2011...RIP Whiskers...1992-2011

Some sad news...On January 12, 2011 we had to say our final Fare Well to our beloved cat Whiskers! She was 19 years old (we got her as a kitten in Pennsylvania) and as you know from following our blog Whiskers became a sailor cat last year when we sold our house and moved onto Orion. At the beginning of the new year Whiskers' health deteriorated rapidly...We thank Dr. Hector Martinez of the Veterinary Clinic Salinas and his staff for accommodating us at short notice. We also thank Dr. Elton Irizzarry of Ambuvet del Caribe and his staff for all the "well cat visits" we had with them over the past years. We take comfort in the fact that Whiskers had a great life...she will be missed incredibly... Here is a pictorial tribute to her life as part of the crew on Orion...