Friday, March 12, 2010

Good friends, Spanish Mackerel, and a cold front passing through!

March 5-7, 2010 Sailing Salinas-Coffin Island-Salinas
The weekend was fabulous despite a cold front going through. Friday night is BBQ night at Marina Salinas. It is a great place to mingle under the mangroves and enjoy ribs, chicken, and sausages straight from the grill. Below are pics of the BBQ Chef at the marina, our friendly waitresses, and the guitarist. Yes, there is even life music! Our friends Jim and Pat drove up from Ponce to join us for the evening. Drinks on Orion, BBQ at the marina, Night Cap at Drake's...Great friends...great times! Check out the pictures below.Thank you guys :o)

Nancy and Luis, the owners of Drake's, are our friends also. Luis makes the best Hamburgers in Salinas and real German sausages from Casa Bavaria with Sauerkraut. We love Drake's. It's a rustic down to earth place. When you are special, you even get to sign the wall :o)
Saturday we woke up to some not so nice weather. A cold front was moving through and left the sky grey, the temperature chilly, and the air moist. Ugh. We nevertheless went on our merry way to Coffin Island, leaving the marina around midday. Since the jinx is now broken forever, the captain caught his first fish somewhere off Coffin Island. But...the fish got eaten by a bigger fish before he could reel it in! Perseverance, however, pays and soon thereafter a nice Spanish Mackerel was on the line :o) That was all we needed for the day, so the fishing rod got put to rest, the fish got cleaned and cut into fillets. I am so lucky to be married to this captain :o)
We anchored at Coffin Island and celebrated life with a glass of wine and some snacks...even a rainy, cold, and miserable day is fun when we are together on Orion :o) We left Coffin Island early Sunday morning under still cloudy skies, even sailed under full sails for quite a while...passed Rivera's beautiful sail boat at the entrance to Salinas harbor...docked Orion at the marina...prepared a gourmet meal at our house...Mackerel fillets in a crust of a touch of breading, sea salt, black pepper, and rosemary, pork chops, baked Italian fries and baked cauliflower topped with cheese. Ready now for next weekend :o)