Friday, February 12, 2010

Yellow Fin Tuna and good friends!

Sailing Salinas...Coffin Island...Salinas Feb. 6-7, 2010

We left the dock in Salinas around 0830 with destination Coffin Island. Since there was no wind worth mentioning we didn’t bother to put up the sails and kept motoring. Not what we really want to do with Orion, but it’s better than sitting at the dock! Somewhere on the ocean with Coffin Island in site, the Captain got out the fishing equipment. May as well make the best out of this low wind situation :o) All of a sudden the reel started buzzing like crazy, I took over the helm and Rick went into action. Whatever was on the hook was fighting, because a lot of line had been taken!

It was exciting…what would it be? After some efforts the last bit of line emerged with a fish on the hook. Turned out to be a good size yellow fin tuna. Woohoo!! I am so lucky to have a Captain who can not only catch fish but also can clean and fillet it…furthermore all this without getting the cockpit all bloody :o) He killed and cleaned the fish. I do admit that I apologized to the fish…I know that sounds weird, but I wanted to honor it and show my respect. We anchored off Coffin Island. Rick worked swift and efficiently cut fillets, which we put on ice. 
For lunch the First Mate prepared fried fresh tuna fillets seasoned with Tuscan Sea Salt, black pepper, and a touch of Worcester Sauce accompanied by zucchini slices. Because of the special occasion we decided to eat at the dinner table rather than in the cockpit.  I got out the Correlle Dinner Ware and set the table for us two sweeties. We had a feast!
After lunch our friend Richard arrived on "Andariego" with his friend Bill. We invited them over for a drink on Orion.
They left in the afternoon. My sweetie and I had Coffin Island all to ourselves for the night! Of course I prepared another wonderful tuna meal for dinner. The same spices on the tuna, this time accompanied by yellow sweet corn. The Captain had pork chops. Another feast that we enjoyed at the dinner table.
Thereafter we celebrated the end of this wonderful day on deck with drinks in hand, watching yet another spectacular sundown at Coffin Island.
In the morning we saw to our amazement that "Kiss me Goodbye" was anchored near us! Our friends Bob and Richard had arrived some time during the night...they explained to us later, that they had decided to go out for an adventure sail during the night. Wind conditions were just perfect for that! 
Some time thereafter Nacho and Elvira arrived on their sail boat "Zorimar".
We are all friends and had a spontaneous potluck at the beach with everybody bringing something. We fried up some more of the tuna, Bob and Richard brought chicken and coleslaw, and Nacho and Elvira brought sandwiches...of course Ron Barcelo Anejo and beer was in ample supply :o)
We missed Mercedes and Joan, who are both away off the island at present. After a wonderful afternoon we all left for our different home ports...Bob, Richard, Nacho, Elvira for Ponce and Rick and I for Salinas. Another heavenly weekend at Coffin Island. We are so happy for being able to enjoy life like this and thank God for making it so! Woohoo...until next weekend....when the story continues :o)