Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dock Party Jan. 23, 2010

Last Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 1600 we were invited to a dock party by skipper Klaus, helmsman Volker, and lookout Michael of Sailing Yacht Swantje from Germany. Klaus is a good friend of ours and an "old salt", as experienced sailors are called. He is not only famous for his sailing stories but also for his ability to produce traditional German dishes as well as local ones like magic on his one-burner-cooking plate. Klaus usually sails with his wife Lilo, who is an even "older salt" than he is! Klaus and Lilo are dear to us, because they are in a way responsible for us choosing this wonderful life style! Lilo recently underwent open heart surgery and is recovering in Germany. We send her God's blessings and warm wishes for a speedy recovery!

The dock party was a big success! Everybody enjoyed each others company and most of all the delicious food prepared by Captain Klaus. The feast included German potato salad garnished with deviled eggs and cucumbers, Sauerbraten, chicken stew, crackers and dip, bread, and a German "Bowle" made of red wine, pineapples and some other secret alcoholic ingredients. THANK YOU!