Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Salinas-Coffin Island and back, Jan.16-17, 2010

Guess where we went sailing last weekend? How did you know? Of course it was Coffin Island here we come's not a curse, it's extreme fun and relaxation :o) After a Friday night filled with the smooth taste of Ron Barcelo Anejo and the good company of our sailor friend Klaus, who arrived from Germany earlier in the week, the Captain and his First Mate woke up to an overcast Saturday morning and left the marina around 0900 with course to Coffin Island. Our beloved dolphins came to play with Orion's bow wave again and this time they showed us their youngest offspring, a tiny baby dolphin! They were teaching the baby how to jump and was a beautiful site and we again feel so honored to be with them. They appeared from seemingly nowhere, performed their marvelous acrobatics for about twenty minutes or so, and then disappeared into the blue sea as quietly and surprisingly as they had appeared earlier. Got a few camera shots, but due to a lack of coordination (presumably from the consumption of said Ron Barcelo) the First Mate was not able to climb to the bowsprit (front end of the boat) to take the usual close-ups. Ahh well...such is a sailor's life, hahahaha.

We uttered our good-byes to our dolphin friends and continued on our way to Coffin Island. The sky became quite dark and a rain front moved in, so we tacked to and fro with Orion to stay out of the heavy winds associated with the front until it was clear enough to finally set the anchor at our usual place. We relaxed, had dinner, and even tackled the job of scraping off the varnish of the teak handrails on Orion's deck. We want to paint them eventually.

The next day the Captain decided to sail a slightly different route back to Salinas. So we sailed around Coffin Island to the west and then turned east. It was a fun sail in sometimes frothy seas. We passed the new buoy that measures wave heights and all kinds of stuff (I need to educate myself on that more) and marveled about Coffin Island's all around beauty. We arrived at the dock around 1500. Another great sailing weekend to dream about until the next time :o) Stay tuned!