Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A landlubber Christmas…well, almost! December 25, 2009

Hope everybody had a great Holiday. We celebrated Christmas this year for the last time in our landlubber home in Ponce. Next year we’ll be “out there” cruising the Caribbean, God willing, of course! Two of our college kids are home for the holidays and actually wanted to have a Christmas Dinner with us…Well…kind of, as long as everything was finished by darkness, so they could mingle with their friends thereafter. It gets dark early here in the tropical spheres. So we made the best of it and invited two newfound cruiser friends from Salinas to join us for dinner. This worked out wonderfully, because we had a reason (as if we really need one, huh) to return to Salinas Friday evening, drop them off at the dinghy dock and then overnight on Orion to set sail Saturday morning for Coffin Island! Kids happy…parents happy :o). We had a nice dinner with Paul and Lynn (the cruiser friends) and Julia and Michael (our college kids) as well as Michael's friends Alejandra and Ben. We missed the rest of the family (all in Florida) and want to mention them on the blog: Jessica and Randy… Michelle, Mike and Abigail…Jeanette and Ted…and my brother Willi in the cold Germany! Hey, Florida sounds good for next year’s celebration!